CTU Argao celebrates 76th founding anniversary

CTU Argao commemorates its 76th founding anniversary in February.

February 23rd marked anew CTU Argao’s being a learning institution. Faculty, staff and students never missed out on celebrating the mileage, even if it means doing it virtually with various presentations.

On its 76th year, Argao campus has managed to adapt with recent shifts primarily caused by the pandemic hence anchoring the celebration on the theme: “Beating the Pandemic through Solidarity and Resiliency.”

Formerly known as Cebu State College of Science and Technology-Agro-Industrial &Forestry College (CSCST-AIFC), CTU Argao has been one of the external campuses of the then  Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST).

Moreover, the campus relished  CSCST’s conversion  into a state university in 2009, as it has brought numerous opportunities to stakeholders. Latest developments  include a separate library building, biodiversity research facility and  more classrooms for agriculture students.

Campus directors Pedrito Pontillas and Juanita Pinote (incumbent) have factored into the many accomplishments felt by the community, especially those directly involved in the hablon (handloom weaving) industry that the campus has primarily promoted for years.

Moving forward, CTU Argao has been at the fore of realizing education for sustainable development (ESD), following the designation of one of its professors as university director for ESD.  Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao