CTU Danao finishes strong in virtual tour guiding and airline safety demonstration at nationals

Khella Faith Caputolan (R) and Clarisse Perez (L) team up for virtual tour guiding category.

CTU Danao settled as finalist for virtual tour guiding and airline safety demonstration at the 2nd TEAM Philippines National Tourism and Hospitality Skills Virtual Convention and Competition on April 10th.

Bachelor of Tourism Management (BSTM) students Khella Faith Caputolan, Clarisse Perez, Keely Castro and Bianca Willemsen went up against 10 other teams in both categories.

Keely Castro (R) and Bianca Willemsen (L) team up for airline safety demonstration.

BSTM chair and coach Marie Kris Giango expressed her delight with the results and promised to be in another round in 2022.

“Next year, we are planning to compete again on the same entry [sic], virtual tour guiding and airline safety demonstration.”

Not only did Giango plan to go steady with two entries but also wanted students to experience tour packaging proposal, giving them more exposure to one of the industry’s demanding jobs.

It was her second time to bring honor to CTU Danao after snagging 3rd place in virtual tour guiding at the 1st Inter-school National Skills Competition in 2019.

Organized by the Tourism Educator and Movers of Philippines (TEAM Philippines), the event provided the necessary assistance, training, and service to the Higher Education Institutions offering tourism and hospitality management programs, thus aiding faculty and academics in their pursuit of excellence.

As of late, the degree program has a student population of 178. /Sarah Jane Colina/ICPA Danao