CTU donates 1M worth of equipment to LAMAC for mass production of research-based blended beverages

Donation of equipment  for mass production of blended beverages is done at  the launching of  “Science for the People; Smart Food Value Chain” by the Department of Science and Technology early this year.

Mass production of research-based healthy beverages is now possible, thanks to CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr. who led the turnover ceremony of a million worth of equipment to Lamac Multipurpose Cooperative (LMPC) in January.

Donated brand-new units included a chiller, a pasteurization kettle, and an industrial grade blender.

Launched last year, the project “Technology Commercialization of Blended Seaweed Beverage and Selected Beverage and Selected Tropical Fruits (manggifera indica and theobroma cacao) gained positive reception from the university’s official partner in  food production and marketing.

LMPC depends on  CTU Tuburan’s link with Tamiao Association of Seaweed Farmers (TASFA) in Bantayan, Cebu for  seaweed supply.

The Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) initially funded the project of  CTU faculty researchers in Barili, Tuburan and Argao campuses, who have  been promoting  blended seaweed, mango, and cacao  beverages since June of 2020.

These healthy concoctions have reached frontliners since last year, and with LMPC’s mass-production capability, there’ll be  more of them to take a sip./ Catherine Losenara/ICPA Tuburan