CTU Main is IIEE regional quiz champ

BS Electrical Engineering student Ryan John Perez clinched the regional quiz bowl dubbed  “Battle of the Wits” as champion over 11 schools in Central and Eastern Visayas on April 11th.

“We managed to prepare a lot for this competition, because we really wanted to give glory to our school, and that’s why we poured a lot of time and patience,” said CTU Main coach Julay Labitad, whose leadership of the Electrical Engineering Circuit (EEC) Team of Quizzers, was acknowledged at the event’s virtual closing ceremony.

Apart from  Labitad, the Department of Electrical Engineering chair Wilen Melsedec Narvios was also recognized for his support to the organization’s activities.

Themed “PasEEklaban: Breakthrough to Excellence: Empowering Electrical Geniuses,” the activity was sponsored by the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE) Region VII and the  Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers- Council of Student Chapters (IIEE-CSC) Cebu.

IIEER7 also tapped the Department of Energy to unite all electrical engineering students across two regions as mentioned. Sheila Mae Linabog/ CTU Main