New direction set out for CTU sports development

Sports directors across CTU campuses visit the fitness center opened in CTU Danao early this year.

University Sports Director Nemia Zamora took her first step into the new normal through benchmarking at CTU Danao’s facility on April 5th.

Early this year the northern campus opened its workout station ahead of others that had already finalized procurement of equipment, hence Dr. Zamora’s initiative to look into the viability of the plan she’s had for a collective response to the current global phenomenon.

Zamora said in a statement that one of her goals is to specifically  conduct a series of  online trainings with national coaches/ trainers as resource persons.

Her decision was influenced by Inter-Agency Task Force’s previous announcement  that sports activities were not allowed under enhanced community quarantine to general community quarantine, cancelling the regional and national  State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) competitions in 2020.

CHEd  provides SUCs with options such as the online training to fulfill the mandate of formulating and developing a “Tertiary Level Sports Development Program.”

Although some sports organizations have started to ease back to the pre-pandemic normal, Dr. Zamora believes in taking a different approach to cope with the health crisis, while contributing to the campaign of strengthening  students and faculty’s immunity.

Moreover, she’s positive about setting up an indoor sports facility in the main campus, as budget was already included in the 2021 Project Procurement Management Plan. The fitness center according to her would complement the online training that is vulnerable to connectivity issues as was experienced by the university futsal team toward by the end of 2020.

Rallying around  wellness initiatives,  she led campus sports  coordinators  to remain responsive to stakeholder’s needs, in line with the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHEd) policy whose implementation began last year.UICPA