RAFI donates 3M-worth of IT equipment to CTU Argao

RAFI sends 3-million worth of IT equipment to CTU Argao as a “payback” mechanism, according to stakeholder management (education sector) officer Richard delos Reyes.

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.(RAFI) selected CTU Argao as one of the recipients of  the 3-million worth of  IT equipment delivered  on April 15th.

Eight initial units of CISCO WS C2960-24 PCs with complete accessories, including server racks and (MAG)LCDs, comprised the package that arrived before the MOA signing on the 16th, which RAFI hoped to impact student learning.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)and Bachelor in Industrial Technology major in Computer Technology students are primarily benefitting from the donation.

The industry-academe partnership  by RAFI chief digital officer Edwin Marfil and acting campus director Teresita Cleopolda Sarile was backed by the foundation’s  gratitude to the  skilled IT students who have spent their time as RAFI’s on-the-job-trainees through the years.

RAFI and CTU officials sign the agreement on April 16th.

Alongside Marfil was RAFI stakehoder management (education sector) officer Richard delos Reyes who spoke at the ceremony that the move was to  honor the campus  “excellent” graduates. 

Such an impression from the foundation even led to another  agreement of granting monetary support to the capstone project with a working title: “Cash Handler RAFI Microfinance’s Client Cash Flow Monitoring Tool.”

The aim is to allow students to apply the concepts,  methods and techniques  learned in IT courses to identify a  real-world problem and develop the means to address it.

Future collaborations (i.e. grants) are expected from RAFI as it expressed its goal of helping other programs of the campus.

RAFI’s establishment in 1966 has led to numerous projects that have mainly influenced Visayas and Mindanao. Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao