Child-minding Center is CTU Daanbantayan’s latest facility

CTU Daanbantayan is one of  CTU campuses to establish a Child-minding Center as part of the Gender and Development  (GAD) program.

Apart from the campuses in Tuburan and Carmen, CTU Daabantayan is no stranger to the challenges of keeping  children  safe while their parents are either  studying or working in the university. Its Child-minding Center , established in January this year, is proof of this.

It prevents children from being neglected by busy parents who engage themselves in various activities—instruction, research, production and extension— while maintaining  sustainable partnerships with stakeholders.

Children have access to reading materials in one corner of the room.

An array of reading materials are made available to help kids develop their critical thinking. Psychosocial activites are also prepared for them to experience while in the confines of the  Gender and Development (GAD) facility.

Start of operation is yet to be decided  due to the ongoing imposition of COVID-19 restrictions, according to the campus GAD coordinator.

Moreover, the campus ensures longevity of the program with a budget of over half a million pesos, and even plans to extend it to the community. Nikkithea Beduya/ICPA Daanbantayar