Coco Seed Farm in CTU Barili to sustain coconut industry for 25 years

PCA7 Acting Regional Manager Brendan Trasmonte (2nd from left) and CTU Barili representatives hold the deed of donation for  the coconut shredder.

A green revolution is on its way, maximizing the utilization of the vast land area in CTU Barili. With more than one hundred hectares, the campus shall identify and make available suitable land to implement the “Coco Seed Farm” for 25 years. 

The plan was initially agreed upon by the Philippine Coconut Authority Field Office-7 (PCA7), Department of Agriculture Field Office-7, Provincial Agriculture Office, Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development, and the local government of Barili on April 20, 2021.

PCA7 Acting Regional Manager Brendan Trasmonte handed the deed of donation for the coconut shredder to CTU Barili early this year.

Campus representatives directly involved in the project are Community Welfare Director Julius Basallo and Extension Chairpersons Danny Carabio and Andrea Matildo.

Based on previous dialogues, PCA7 shall secure suitable planting materials, establish a coconut nursery, and provide technical assistance on good agricultural and processing practices.

Further, it shall shoulder expenses connected with or incidental to the establishment and maintenance of the seed farm but not limited to seed nuts, farm tools & equipment, fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides, among others.

Once the seed farm becomes productive, its planting and replanting programs would utilize 70 percent of the good seed nuts.

It also allows the purchase of the remaining 30 percent of the seeds based on the prevailing price in the locality. Danny E. Carabio/ICPA Barili