CTU Tuburan welcomes new campus director

It’s a new beginning for CTU Tuburan with Dr. Ma. Carla Abaquita who was appointed campus director on May 3, 2021.

Now taking the role of Dr. Pedrito Pontillas who announced his retirement last year, Dr. Abaquita positively spoke of the designation in a statement.

“I am happy and proud being a native of Tuburan to be in this position, to be of service to my alma mater and my community.”

Part of Abaquita’s agenda moving forward is to continue the legacies of  previous leaders , especially those of Dr. Pontillas who served for nine years. 

Candid about her new task, she considered it a great responsibility with challenges that could be overcome.

As for support she banks on her colleagues whom  she described as  “dedicated, dynamic, and multi-talented.” 

She began her career in the northern campus in 2005. Previously held positions included college instructor, College of Education chairperson, College of Engineering dean, Dean of Instruction and assistant campus director. Ryan Jore/ICPA Tuburan