Radio production workshop for CTU’s digital radio platform

CTU Main conducted the radio production workshop on June 21st through June 30th, in preparation for the airing of the digital radio magazine to be launched this year.

University Director for Center for Communication and Media Rowanne Marie Mangompit tapped the chairpersons across CTU  campuses for the week-long training.

Sharing her experience as a media expert from Far Eastern University, Flordeliza Abanto discussed the basics of broadcasting, writing skills to teachers, students, and non-teaching personnel who participated in the activity.

Meanwhile, multi-awarded Cebuana photographer and graphic designer Crisanto Etorma zeroed in on video editing.

As soon as the digital radio will be launched, executive producers Mydah Kabingue, Dr. Christian Ray Licen, and Dr. Lolita Velita will feature 3 programs such as Radio KaTekno, Swak na Swak and Business School in the Air. /Almie Mata/CTU Main