President reiterates commitment at the closing of 54th ASEAN founding anniversary

The ASEAN spirit is captured in CTU Barili’s Janriel Guindara’s winning  digital poster making entry.

CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr.  virtually conveyed his message at the culmination of the ASEAN and hoped that the  activities would  “strengthen the university’s commitment in advocating for the values of taking initiative and being proactive as it continuously holds peace, prosperity, and progress not only in  the Asia Pacific region but also to the rest of the world.”

The Internationalization and ASEAN Integration week from August 23 through August gathered representatives from all CTU campuses to participate in online activities.

Themed “We Care, We Prepare, We Prosper” and “Padyak! Moving Forward, Claiming Victory for Philippine Higher Education in the ASEAN community,” the commemoration had activities such as video making, storytelling, digital poster making, dance competition and song composition.

Dr. Ancheta further stated that  the establishment of the Innovation for Global Education and Digital Citizenship or  the I-lab was clear evidence of the aforesaid commitment.

Lily Freida Macabangun-Milla from the  Office of the Executive Director of Internal Affairs IV in her speech assured that the commission will support and collaborate with  CTU to further its   internalization initiatives.

She also added that CHED recognized the efforts of the university in leading internalization efforts not just in the Philippines but in the whole ASEAN region.

Meanwhile, winners of the activities came mostly from CTU Barili. They won in digital storytelling, poster making, and song composition entitled “Care Together Unite.”

Other winners were CTU Main for video making  and  CTU Danao for the dance category./Almie Mata/CTU Main