Academic wins 3rd best paper at nat’l agriculture forum

CTU Daanbantayan academic landed 3rd place for Best Research Paper category  at the National Conference on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2021.

Arnie Trangia’s “Nursery Propagation of Apple Mangrove (Sonneratia alba)” touched on mangrove rehabilitation program using Rhizophora species instead of “Sonneratia alba” at the seafront.

The study premarily debunked “Rhizophora propagules” mangrove rehabilitation.

In an interview, he reiterated his recommendation ” to  plant the right species in right zonation which is the Sonneratia alba (pagatpat) species” instead of the abundant Rhizophora species.

With recent findings, the campus extension office hoped to  implement the propagation of  Sonneratia alba seedlings through artificial nursery method./Nikkithea Beduya/ICPA Daanbantayan