How dialogic strategies cushion mental health

With coronavirus not going away,  a series of webinars on the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health has served as coping mechanisms for students since 2020.

The university’s Guidance Office started tapping experts on the subject at the opening of classes two years ago, with a majority of listeners grappling with the effects of the crisis.

G-Cares Information Board Facebook page was also  created primarily in 2021 to enhance the program of making students more aware of what’s happening around them, creating more interactive opportunities.

Some of these banners touched on  flexible teaching-learning environment and  socialization in the new normal, among others.

More will be aired this year especially with the recent  launching of the university’s radio station that seeks to amplify the directive of engaging not just the students, faculty and staff but also the community.

CTU Main recorded a bigger population of attendees than in pre-pandemic years, which implied the need for more information for constituents to better understand the context./Riza Joy Martin/CTU Main