Relief efforts quell Odette’s aftermath

After Super Typhoon Rai, locally known as Odette, damaged vast parts of Cebu in mid-December last  year, the standstill was literally felt with many desperate for electricity, internet and clean water, but with CTU Danao’s quick response some of these eased out.

No matter the impact, the campus responded to communities with its water refilling and charging services powered by solar panels and brand-new generator sets.

All four colleges had academics volunteering  to  reach out to fellow Technologists in CTU Main, Barili, and Argao, who were hit the hardest. 

Financial donations made possible the delivery of food packs and other necessities  initiated a few days after national roads were cleared. 

Despite the upending scenario of the holiday season, the Extension Office’s drive for assistance under “Amping Cebuano” mantra never waned, in fact, even continued the COVID-19 vaccination alongside the relief operations.

Northern CTU campuses in Daanbantayan and Tuburan have similar ongoing calamity-response activities. /Sarah Jane Colina/ICPA CTU Danao