ASCOM gives plaque of recognition to CTU

Plaque given to CTU Production Office

The 7th Forward Service Support Unit, ASCOM (Army Support Command), Philippine Army gave CTU a plaque of gratitude in thankful acknowledgment of CTU’s commitment and support in achieving the unit’s mission.

The plaque was presented and given during the 7th FSSU, ASCOM, PA’s 24th Founding Anniversary on March 16, 2022 at Arellano Boulevard in Cebu City and received by the University Director for Production, Dr. Renissa S. Quinones.

On July 1, 2021, the Office of the University Production conducted a technology transfer on the process of producing coconut water-treated sardines in tomato sauce and oil style at the 7th FFSU, PA headquarter, Arellano Boulevard, Cebu City.

The composition and process of producing the food product are technologies developed by the university faculty-innovators.

The technology is registered under the Utility Model category with the IPOPHIL. The 7th FSSU, ASCOM, PA, became a technology adopter of the university developed IP-based products and processes under the technology transfer mechanism of the university.

“…We’ve reached yet another milestone in our collaboration with the 7th FFSU, ASCOM, the Philippine Army, and CTU”, Dr. Renissa Quinones said.

“The university appreciates your ongoing confidence in us as a source of military livelihood training.”, she added.

The mechanisms of the technology transfer of CTU pave the way for the uniformed men and women in the Philippine Army’s forward service support unit to develop greater technological and entrepreneurial capabilities. – Renissa Quinones/Production Office