CHEd grants CTU Tuburan another COPC

The Commission on Higher Education granted CTU Tuburan another Certificate of Program Compliance last December 28, 2021 for Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education major in Home Economics and last 20th of November, 2020 for Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. 

The Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) is every administrator’s desire when a prestigious certification confirms a degree program at a State University is fully compliant with the Commission on Higher Education’s rules, standards, and road map. The Dean of Instruction, Dr. Rowena P. Abaquita, admits that this breakthrough is a gratifying moment for the entirety of the campus and of the university. 

The granting of this certification holds an advantage from other programs  at other SUC’s that are not yet certified. Also, this certification increases the graduates’ employability. The tremendous amount of effort from applying and working for it as it requires a thorough self-examination by College administrators, as well as a self-directed, objective peer evaluation of the overall educational quality from thence granted the college this COPC.

“As the Dean of Instruction of CTU- Tuburan, I am proud to be a part of the workforce for the 9 programs being  recognized and granted by CHED with COPC,” Dr. Abaquita stated in her message. She added that this is a living proof that these programs have complied with the rigorous standards, formulated and implemented an effective organizational plan and had undergone an annual assessment of its stability. She also acknowledged that this success was not entirely on the state-of-the-art facility but the gauge faculty who worked well in the program’s  retention and placement rates. 

She concluded further, “Being judged to be in conformity with established CHED standards signifies that the program exceeds quality standards. With this amazing achievement, it will certainly pool more industry partners and  ignites students enrollment. This COPC certificate we acquired underscores caliber assurance and a dedication to continuous quality improvement.”

The College of Education had been tirelessly producing quality graduates and excellent educators who continue to raise the bar of excellence. This endeavor, through the efforts of the CTU Tuburan administrators, faculty, and staff, will strengthen the pace of these students ready to shape the future. –Merie Fer Medequillo, BA Literature/ICPA Tuburan Campus