CTU tops at 7th in the Licensure Exam for Teachers- Elementary Level

designed by Gienel Dingal and edited by Prof. Romeo Montecillo

Cebu Technological University- Main Campus alumna, Ms. Lilian Cee Ogdoc- Baylon, ranked 7th in the January 2022 Licensure Exam for Teachers in the Elementary level. 

 “Honestly, being a teacher wasn’t really I would want to become because I was thinking of another profession back then, however, due to the financial difficulties, it seemed like I was left with an option which now I considered the best one given to me which was to pursue the degree of Education. Little did I know, the love and the passion grew on me day by day and I could literally say now that I am destined to be a facilitator of learning and God has planned it out since day one”, she said. 

When asked about what was her initial reaction upon seeing the results of the Licensure Exam, the aspiring teacher said, “I was in a state of disbelief and I thought it was all a kind of a prank because to tell you honestly, I wasn’t really aiming to be part of the topnotcher because I also had struggled with working and at the same time reviewing on my own”. 

She also shared that there were trials that she had to go through the process, and what kept her going was her family and her dream of giving them the comfortable life they deserve.

Lilian left an inspirational message for all those who aspire to achieve their dreams and goals in life— just like how she did, “I know it’s going to be exhausting and draining, but, at the end, I am certain that its going be all worth it. Take it easy, enjoy the journey, communicate with yourself, it may sound strange but to tell you honestly it does help especially when everything may seem vague and confusing and above all else lift every single worry, fear and all kinds of despair to our Almighty God and everything will be fine”.Daniella Mae Azarcon