CTU Main’s DevCom representatives lead as auditor and creative director of CFJCS

BS Development Communication student leaders in CFJCS

Bachelor of Science in Development Communication students, Sheila Mae Amamangpang- first year representative and Kimberly Culango- second year representative sits as Auditor, Creative Director respectively for the Cebu Federation of Journalism and Communication Students (CFJCS) for AY 2021-2022 as Diogracias Olayon-fourth year ends his term as Vice President for External and Internal Affairs both in two-year leadership streak last 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 sequentially.

Cebu Federation of Journalism and Communication Students is a conglomeration of  communication and journalism students from about eight universities and colleges in Cebu which advocates press freedom, fair and fearless journalism through sustainable and pro-active engagement across all the sectors in the society.

Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, adviser of the organization, congratulated the officers for conducting activities which seemingly enriched the knowledge, skills, and expertise of its constituents amid the non-physical setup. 

The student officers of the Cebu Federation of Journalism and Communication Students are as follows: President: Stephen Esic of University of San Carlos,Vice-President for Internal Affairs: Jiamaine Dazo of University of the Philippines-Cebu, Vice-President for External Affairs: Novem Lao of Cebu Normal University,Secretary: Christian Maloloy-on of the University of San Carlos, Treasurer: Sheila Manabat of University of the Philippines-Cebu, Public Information Officer: Jean Roa of Cebu Normal University.

The election was held on Friday, 12th of November and took oath on Saturday the 13th of the said month. 

The Vice-President for External Affairs of CFJCS, Aaron Bruce Clarin emphasized the revolutionary role of the officers and to the rest of the members in extending ourselves to the community. “We draw this as an inspiration to continue to fight and use our skills, our knowledge or learnings that we had acquired in our institution,” Clarin added.

As Cebu Technological University continues to produce scientifically and technologically-oriented human capital equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes— may it be the light that its constituents may painstakingly strive to thrive amid the fourth industrial revolution through sustainable leadership. –Diogracias Olayon-BSDevCom Intern