CTU student wins National CpE Challenge 2021-2022

Christian John Sortigosa, a 3rd-year student from the Cebu Technological University – Department of Computer Engineering, was the champion for CpE Programming Competition for the Java category in the National CpE Challenge 2021-2022 on March 19, 2022 among the 17 representing regions through a website called CodeChum.

In an interview, Sortigosa said that it was his first time joining the said competition, “first time pani nako nga mo participate of programming competition og first time nga naay ni participate sa CTU main campus kay pioneer man mi sa CpE so nindot jud tong nga event kay nailhan nga naa CpE ang CTU og naka produce og result” (“It was my first time joining the competition, and it is also the first time for CTU-Main Campus to participate in such an event. We are the pioneering of CpE, so it was such an excellent event because people got to know that CTU offers CpE program—and how the event produced a result that benefits our degree program.”).

Sortigosa also won the Programming Competition for Java category in the Regional CpE Challenge last November 27, 2021. He earned the honor to represent CTU-Main Campus and Region 7 together with CTU-Danao, CIT-U, and UC-LM in the nationals.

When he was asked what were his preparations before the competition, he said, “nag sugod kog practice katong gi ingnan nako ni sir Rafran, akong coach, nga pagniaging march 19 ang competition og mag practice ko ato mga naa sa 6 hours a day sa pag first week sa march onya balik napud kog practice 2 two days before sa competition para recap”. (“When sir Rafran told me that the competition would be on the 19th of March, I started my practice. In the first week of March, I used to practice 6 hours a day and two days before the competition, I reviewed and recapped to prepare myself for the said event.”

The CpE Challenge is a set of challenges to overcome for the BSCpE students that involve programming, quiz ball, and pitching. Each school competes to select their participants for the national level competition. –Imaculate Grace Negre, BS DevCom Intern/CCM