CTU TC alumni donate 21 solar-generated lamp posts

solar-generated lamp post in CTU Tuburan Campus

CTU Tuburan Campus is now made brighter at night time due to the installation of 21 motion-sensored  and solar-generated lamp posts in the university’s vicinity.

The alumni donated solar lamp posts during the 74th Grand Alumni Homecoming in 2019. In October 2021, the Alumni Association added lamp posts making a total of 21 solar posts. 

These lamp posts are in front of the university buildings from the medical clinic up to the students ‘activity center (SAC), from SAC to Hometel, and from Hometel to the Bulawanong Tinubdan Cultural Center.

The Campus Director, Dr. Ma. Carla Y. Abaquita thanked the alumni for their effort of giving back to their university through the projects involving solar lamp posts.

With its increasing number of students in the evening program, it is now safer to roam around inside the university because of the more-lit campus premises. –ICPA/Ryan Jore