Int’l research collab with Japan and Singapore HEIs yields air-purifying respirators

CTU, Gunma University (GU), and National Technological University (NTU) launch low-cost powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) in CTU Main on March 18th.

CTU is taking on the challenge of ensuring the health and safety of the Cebuanos, who were suffering from the “world-longest lockdown” by participating in the Japanese government-funded international research collaboration with Gunma University and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

A low-cost and high-performance prototype has been developed under the newly established Distancing-Free Mask CTU Laboratory (DFM CTU Lab) at CTU Main.

The high-performance, communication-friendly mask, which has the capacity to block common bacteria and viruses and shields 99.97% of aerosol down to 0.3 µm, can be monitored using smartphones via Bluetooth.

Distancing-Free Mask Cebu Prototype No.1

Professor Yusaku Fuji of Gunma University demonstrated basic mechanisms of the prototype onsite and online to accommodate participants from Japan and Singapore.

The PAPR is subject to modifications following pilot testing among medical practitioners in Cebu anytime this year.
The ceremony featured Q&A broadcast live via Zuma TV, a Japanese company. First of its kind in CTU in terms of the gravity of its significance , it went by the save-the-world motif.

DFM CTU Lab is established to accelerate international research projects and develop prototypes such as the distancing-free mask. /IAI