Publisher acknowledges CTU Danao technologists for their book authorship

Dr. Joshlen Baclayon is one of the authors of the book titled “Children and Adolescent Literature”.

Two bonafide CTU – Danao professor and student are acknowledged by Lorimar Publishing for their commendable contributions and authorship in the field of pedagogy and literature.

Dr. Joshlen C. Baclayon, an instructor, and Chairman in the English Department of CTU Danao is recognized as one of the authors of a newly-published book, “Children and Adolescent Literature” along with her two co-writers. It is a publication as an instructor’s reference material in teaching.

The textbook is intended for the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) major in English program, as one of the major subjects in the new curriculum alongside other English Literature subjects. It is published by Lorimar Publishing and is soon to be available in leading bookstores.

“I felt excited…. It is the first textbook I wrote… throughout the process, I struggled. It was also very exhausting as I had to work on it alongside the classes and designations I handled in the previous semester.” Dr. Baclayon expressed in an interview.

Nationalism motivates their team to write the book, in which their drive is to contribute to the improvement of Philippine education to help both educators and learners thrive in the field of English.

Meanwhile, another aspiring book author, Marianie P. Villaceran, a freshman BS Tourism student, receives a certificate of registration from the National Book Development Board of the Philippines on March 15, 2022. The said certificate was officially signed and approved on January 11, 2022. Hence, she is a verified writer valid until August 31, 2023.

“It gives me hope as I become now a registered writer.” Miss Villaceran said. “This is just my first milestone in writing and I’m happy and blessed to have this achievement.” as she continued to express her reaction towards her triumph in an interview.

Thus, book authorship is a contribution to the sustainable development goal, especially the quality of education (SDG 3).-Sarah Jane Colina/ICPA Danao