CTU-Main graduate student presents research paper at LSPIC2022 and 21st ESEA joint conference

photo credit: https://mylspic.org/

CTU-Main graduate student presented research paper @ LSPIC2022 & 21stESEA joint conference on March 12, 2022.

Jessie L. Bontuyan, LPT, MAEd- ET, has successfully presented his graduate studies research during the three-day Linguistic Society of the Philippines International Conference 2022 (LSPIC) and 21st English in Southeast Asia (ESEA) joint conference on March 10-12, 2022 via Zoom.

Mr. Bontuyan presented his graduate studies research entitled “Academic Diary in the Teaching of Oral Communication in Context” which focuses on the effectiveness of “Academic Diary” as one of the significant teaching tools to reinforce learners’ gained knowledge and skills in the most essential learning competencies of the Oral Communication course.

“The study is a mixed-method in which the pre-post test scores of the respondents is the quantitative data while learners’ experiences in their use of the Academic Diary form part the qualitative data,” Mr. Bontuyan said in an interview.

Being a tenderfoot in such a remarkable event has made Mr. Bontuyan express his immense gratitude to his ever quick-witted and seasoned thesis adviser, Dr. Sunliegh Gador, for helping him prepare his research presentation. “Her hands-on approach helped me a lot to have a higher acceptance rate of my paper,” he said.

He further shared his experience during the LSPIC 2022 & ESEA 21st joint conference which brought some significant growth and development in his teaching career. According to Mr. Bontuyan, the conference imparted more knowledge for him to offer to his students in crafting a good research study.

Mr. Bontuyan encouraged his fellow Technologists and said, “always remember that what you think of yourself now is what you will become in the future. So, do not settle for less, get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself with great possibilities if you want to become a good inspiration in your chosen field. Being involved in research presentations like my experience in LSPIC and ESEA joint conference is one of the stepping stones.”

We must end the stigma that research is only a graduation requirement and a library display. It must be shared and published for the benefit of all. We have great and well-equipped professors in our premier university who are dedicated to help us in realizing our dreams. They are the best asset that our university offers so do not miss the chance,” Bontuyan remarkably added.

LSPIC 2022 & 21st ESEA: A Joint Conference with a theme, “Multilingualism, Multimodality, and Multiliteracies: Trends, Challenges, and Prospect,” aims to provide information and updates on the trends and innovations concerning the multi-faceted nature of language teaching and learning, the complexity of language research, and the plurality of language. The recognitions given from the said joint conference seeks to inspire young researchers and scholars whose works can bring impact to the development of languages and linguistics.

The said conference was hosted by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University. –Divine Grace Umadlao/BS DevCom Intern