CTU Tuburan conducts operational planning: Cascading of performance target 2022

Cebu Technological University Tuburan held its operational planning with the theme, “Cascading of Performance Target 2022” last April 5-6, 2022 at Hagnaya Beach Resort and  Restaurant.

Providing organization personnel with a clear picture of their tasks and responsibilities in  line with the goals contained within the Strategic Plan was what the event implied  to do.

Dr. Ma. Carla Abaquita, CTU Tuburan Campus Director, presented the status of the Accomplishment of the Quarterly Physical Reports of Operation (QPRO)  2021 and GAA Enrolled Targets and QPRO 2022.

Further, the conference proper involved the presentation and cascading targets for the  Office Performance Commitment and Review 2022 and Operational Plan 2023.

Some of the  convenors were Prof. Monifel S. Galagar, Director for Production, Prof. Devonna M.  Celedonio, Director for Extension Services, and Dr. Florieza Mangubat, Director for  Research and Development.  

The crafting of plans of delivery units was done in the afternoon and it was facilitated by the  Fablab Director, Prof. Siegfried Mendoza.  

The presentations of the outputs and critiquing were done during the second day.

Dr. Ma. Carla Abaquita said, “Everyone in CTU Tuburan knows their specific obligations and how they should execute them within a defined timeline. We have targets as a campus and we always adhere to the bigger visions of CTU as an institution. In CTU Tuburan, we outline our long-term goals and we join efforts to achieve our vision.”

The roles each of the personnel achieved at the operational planning show how the system continually strives to promote the unified strength in this crucial component.  With the collective vision of excellence, the system developed its targets conveniently with the  support of its competent individuals. –Shammah A. Momo /ICPA Tuburan