Lakbay Lokal R’ Cebu Expo 2022

products of CTU exhibited in Lakbay Lokal R’ Cebu Expo 2022

The Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Daanbantayan has once again taken part in the Lakbay Lokal R’ Cebu Expo 2022 held last March 18 – 20, 2022 at Robinson’s Summit Galleria.

The said Expo was one of the provincial government’s effective strategies to revitalize the local economy by helping small businesses and the province’s tourism industry adversely affected by the pandemic.

The exposition featured and showcased the local products from the different towns of Cebu Province clustered by district, from arts and crafts, food delicacies, food innovations, and tourist attractions, products, and services.

The University Director for Production, Dr. Renisa S. Quinones said, “The yearly participation of the university in trade fairs/shows and expo is part of the university’s strategic plan to promote the university’s innovative products and processes to the markets. Joining this activity offers positive benefits by attracting technology adopters, generating product awareness, gaining economic returns, and building the university image.”

Dr. Quinones also shared her insight on CTU Daanbantyan’s participation, “Another positive effect is enticing faculty innovators to showcase their craftsmanship and innovativeness and providing them an opportunity to learn new product trends”.

The exposition aimed to further promote the signature products of Cebuanos to a broader market, both of local and international scope, establish linkages with prospective investors and consumers, and advertise tourism products and services that the province of Cebu has to offer for the tourists and consumers alike.

The Municipality of Daanbantayan Tourism Office once again requested the special participation of Cebu Technological University-Daanbantayan Campus as one of the exhibitors of their signature food products derived from the innovation of its Shared Service Facility – Food Innovation Center (SSF-FIC).

The exhibited signature products include shrimp crackers, milkfish crackers, milkfish biscuits, peanut nougat, and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

Professor Jezza Maureen Coyoca, Director PRG, leads the team to produce these food products in the university-based enterprise project.

 All products were hand-made from all-natural ingredients and slowly established their presence in the local market.

Thus, CTU Daanbantayan Campus is looking forward to more expositions to seize and consumers to delight.-Jezza Maureen Coyoca and Lyka Rebano/BSDevcom Intern