Graduate programs reviewed

(Seated from left to right) Dr. Anthony Ilano, university dean of instruction, Dr. Delia Belleza, resource speaker, and Dr. Hedeliza Pineda, vice president for academic affairs together with the participants

The office of the academic affairs led by Dr. Hedeliza Pineda, vice president for academic affairs, organized the Curriculum Review of the Graduate Programs offered on April 27-29, 2022 at the Harolds Evotel.

Graduate students are required to have at least one publication before earning the master’s degree program for academic and research tracks as stressed in CMO 15 S. 2015 was the publication of students prior to earning the degree.

Dr. Purita Bilbao, the first resource speaker highlighted the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order 15 S. 2015 and explained the 5R’s in curriculum designing and review-review, recalibrate, retain, restore and remodel. Dr.Bilbao said, “all master’s programs and doctoral degrees have the same values.”

Further, Dr. Delia Belleza, the second resource speaker from the University of San Carlos, reiterated CTU’s vision, mission and goals, institutional graduate attributes (IGA) during her talk on the program outcomes and curriculum mapping and let the graduate faculty rated their programs.

Dr. Belleza also emphasized the important points of the CHED CMO 15 s. 2019 Art. 1 Section 1: “new or enhanced competencies among the students to meet the requirements set by globalization, regional integration, internationalization of higher education, Fourth industrial revolution. In this regard, students must use the 21st century skills optimally which result in the country’s strengthened innovation, research and development.

The outputs including minutes, program outcomes, curriculum mapping and course descriptions were presented by the selected graduate program teams and submitted to the

Prof. Bejay Bolivar, university director for curriculum planning and development; Dr. Cristie Ann Jaca, university director, center for Communication and media; Dr. Anthony Ilano, university dean of instruction; and the VPAA team facilitated this event.

Thus, the graduate programs offered by CTU are reviewed to align with the institutional graduate attributes, vision, mission, goals of the university, and sustainability.-Rowanne Marie Mangompit/UICPAO, Cristie Ann Jaca, Center for Communication and Media