A collaborative talk from DTI-CARP, CTU CME Main in Borbon, Cebu

CME professors Dr. Leoncio Lucero, Prof. Leahlou Narvios and Prof. Florenda Gabuya with the DTI representatives and participants

The CME professors conducted a training with the members and officers of Cajel farmers association and Borbon farmers federation on April 25, 2022 in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry – Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (DTI-CARP).

The resource speakers on cost budgeting and product costing in this session are Dr. Leoncio Lucero Jr., Prof. Leahlou Narvios and Prof. Florenda Gabuya.

Market consultancy was also highlighted in this training for the beneficiaries will have a basic understanding on their market and ways to advance their agricultural products. 

“Consider this market consultancy will help the farmers to produce detailed marketing plan, an alignment, and to discover business marketing message and can figure out the right marketing strategy to get the message out to the expected target market.” Dr. Leoncio  Lucero Jr. said 

“This will also bring the participants a better and clear understanding of what the clients and consumers want and expect from their products and services.”  Lucero added.

Indeed, it was an interesting and beneficial talk for the  farmers to learn strategies that will provide them an assessable return on investment that grows their business.-Norife Alsola/BSDevcom Intern