A forum on waste management held

A forum was held in Cebu Technological University Main Campus through the partnership of Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CCENRO) and CLEWAT, an environmental company based in Finland on May 24, 2022.

The discussion mostly focused on the outlying issue of local waste management and the astounding plastic product consumption.

Mr. Carlos Seven, Jr., resource speaker of CCENRO, highlighted how Cebu City is ranked 3rd in the waste disposal problem. Along with this problem, Mr. Seven, Jr. also stated the surging numbers of hazardous waste due to the pandemic with people using more face masks, medical gloves, etc.

Ms. Katja Vaulio , environmental expert of CLEWAT, also shared Finland’s innovative take on waste management which enabled them to recycle about 42% of their total waste.

CLEWAT promotes “Reduce, reuse and preparation for re-use” this is to encourage people in recycling waste products with the end goal being able to create a much more sustainable society.

In Finland, citizens segregate their trash strictly following the proper segregation method for waste ny having five bins: plastic, cartons, biowaste, glass, metal and biowaste.

Hence, these methods could also be integrated in the present waste management in the Philippines.-Jim Ouano/ICPA