CHED pushes new PSG program for BSIndTech

CHED director for programs and standards development Cherrie Ancheta headed the opening for the National Public Hearing/Consultation on the Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Bachelor of Industrial Technology/BSIndtech Program.

The new Program, Standards and Guidelines (PSG) was introduced to all the attendees of the webinar by TC Industrial Tech Dr. Raul F. Muyong.

The keypoints tackled during the the National Public Hearing was the new competitive curriculum and reliable program for future BSIT students and graduates. The goal is to make BSIT a course program with a larger career option and professions for its bachelors.

Along with the curriculum’s goal is to produce graduates with technical, managerial, research and entrepreneurial competencies in the different fields in industrial technology.

It also emphasized the importance for its faculty teachers to be a holder of appropriate master’s degree to teach the major field of specialization.

The faculty should also have a very satisfactory teaching experience of the relevant industrial experience, these were some of the important pointers on how they would like the new BSIT program be handled.

They have also deduced the probable professions for the future graduate of the program would be a technologist, specialist, quality controller, industry manager, supervisors, consultants, technology developer, researcher, innovator and technopreneur.

CHED DPSDC Cherrie Ancheta said, “The creative community is the fuel of magnificence”-Jim Ouano/UICPA