CTU CCICT Main professors pass the PhilNITS- JITSE IT passport exam

The CTU Main professors successfully passed the latest Philippine National IT Standards Examination last April 24, 2022.

Dr. Jose Maria Garcia II, dean of the the College of Computer Information Communication Technology (CCICT) together with the professors passed the exam.

Dr. Marie Joy Alit, chair of Computer Technology Department; Dr. Gerry Ritz Densing, associate dean; Prof. Pet Andrew Nacua, chair of Information Technology Department; Prof. Angelbert Maghanoy, chair of Information Systems Department; Dr. Ricson Bondad, CCICT Extension and Production chair; Dr. Melanie Himang, CCICT Research Chair; Prof. Noel Burgos, CCICT MIS coordinator; Dr. Narcisan Galamiton, CCICT Property Custodian; Prof. Janeth Ugang, CCICT GAD coordinator; Prof. Peter Calaurian, CCICT Faculty; Prof. Gibe Tirol, CCICT faculty; Prof. Marcial Pepito, CCMSC Faculty and Prof. P-Jay Naya, CCMSC faculty.

Last 2021, Prof. Pet Andrew Nacua and Angelbert Maghanoy also took the same IT Passport exam successfully.

The Philippine National IT Standards Foundation was previously known as the  JITSE Phil Foundation Inc. which is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization implementing a certification program from Japan.

The Department of Trade and Industry and Japan proposed the implementation of the certification program to the Information Technology professionals to measure their IT skills and provide opportunities and additional credential in applying for jobs abroad.

Hence, the faculty of CCICT took the initiative to make them competitive in information technology not only in the Philippine context but also in Asia.-Rowanne Marie Mangompit/UICPA