CTU San Francisco, DRRM organize training on basic life support

The Municipality of San Francisco Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer, in collaboration with Cebu Technological University-San Francisco Campus, organized a training and capacitation on basic life support to freshmen under the NSTP Program at Talisay Covered Court, Northern Poblacion, San Francisco, Cebu on May 14, 2022.

The theme is “Students Capacitation Towards Becoming a Better Community Emergency Responders” with the selected campus instructors together with the Camotes Islands Emergency Response Team (CiERT-San Francisco).

Common emergencies, basic life support practices and the assessment of students on the proper steps in responding to unconscious individuals were discussed.

According to Mr. Roger I. Caminos, the activity was conducted because it is in line with the activity and program of NSTP 2.

“We’re not sure and confident that 100% of the instructions and procedures are followed, but as long as they have the idea on what to do during emergencies, they will not just cry whenever something happens,” Mr. Caminos added.

The NSTP director further stated that one of the reasons why the activity was conducted is for the students not to execute improper response during emergencies.

“One significant thing that the NSTP has done is the correct response, the quick response because life is too short. So life is important. This is the very aim why this activity is held,” he stated.

The participants were divided into four batches. Among the first batch were the students taking up BEED, BTLED, BSED-Math and Science, BSFi, BSIE, and BIT-ET. The rest of the training will be slated for May 21-22, 2022, and will culminate on the 28th day of the month.-Collin Garrido/ICPA San Francisco