Resource generation’s cascading of targets, improvement of IGP manual

Dr. Lolita Velita (5th from left) together with the key campus directors and key officials

The Cebu Technological University holds a three-day cascading of targets and improvements of IGP manual on May 18-20, 2022 at the Solea Mactan Resort, Cordova, Cebu. 

This event is one of the activities to augment the income generating projects of the university.

CTU Main Campus and 15 CTU campuses together with their respective campus directors were present to participate in this university event led by Dr. Lolita Velita, university director for resource generation.

On her FB post, Dr. Velita said, “The office of Resource Generation and the Vice President of Production, Extension, and Resource Generation (PERG), Dr. Edgar Tibay would like to express our deepest gratitude to all CTU Campus Directors and Faculty Members for your active participation.” She added “We will continue to strive for excellence for the benefit of CTU, our students and the community.”

Indeed, this activity brought all CTU campuses together for the betterment and for future Cebu Technological University.-Lyka Rebano/Devcom Intern