Central Philippine State University – Hinigaran Campus benchmarks CTU

The Central Philippine State University (CPSU) – Hinigaran Campus was headed by Mr. Gregorio D. Predo, Campus Administrator, welcomed by the Cebu Technological University-Main Campus administration last June 17, 2022.

The visit served as a benchmark where CPSU aims to aid the faculty of its Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program to build their potential, upgrade their skills and knowledge, and advance their expertise in teaching and other functions.

Also, to able to see and understand the unique practices of CTU in terms of instruction, research, and extension services; to actualize the ideal information technology of the university; to have a glimpse of innovative methodology concerning information and technology, and to appreciate the importance of collaboration between and among universities.

The round table discussion was conducted by CTU, headed by Prof. Romeo Montecillo, assistant Campus Director; Dr. Imelda Villarin, Dean of Instruction; and Dr. Jose Maria S. Garcia II, Dean of College of Computer, Information and Communications Technology (CCICT).

Along with the CTU administration and able to answer all CPSU queries were Dr. Catherine Ross Degula, campus admission officer; Mr. Irvin Narsico, Dean of the Students Affairs Office (SAO); Prof. Johannes Camasura, university director, Automation, Innovation, and Computing; Dr. Allan Mariñas, university PIO and other CCICT faculty. 

Furthermore, other officials joining the CTU benchmarks were Dr. Karla Salvallon, CPSU Dean of Instruction; Prof. Jefrey Alegia, BSIT Department chair, and other faculty. 

The benchmark concluded were Prof. Montecillo led the tour around the Campus. 

Words by Almie Mata