CTU Admins and HR officers gather for the 1st Quarter Coordination Event

The CTU administrators and Human Resources Management Officers (HRMO) across campuses gathered for the 1st Quarter Coordination Meeting on May 24-26, 2022, at the San Francisco Campus.

The activity was headed by Dr. Jerlito Letrondo, Vice-President for Admin and Finance, along with Atty. Marvey Ocampo, Chief Administrative Officer for Administration, and Dr. Jana Gloria Almerino, University HRMO.

During the first day of the event, Dr. Jonita V. Literatus, OIC-Campus Director of CTU-San Francisco, welcomes the participants and, thereafter, the statement of purpose articulated by Atty. Ocampo.

Within the three-day activity, Dr. Almerino headed the round table discussion of all CTU HR officers and admins concerning the HRMO manual, the Latest Revision of the CTU-SPMS Policy 2022, the Latest Revision of the CTU PRAISE Policy 2022, and other Administrative and HR concerns.

In line with this, Dr. Almerino expressed her appreciation for the triumph of the above-mentioned event, “Thank you very much for the activity since we were able to present the revisions of two policies, and finally, we can also present these to the administrative council.”

She also hopes to materialize what is being planned concerning the operational plan and disclose to conduct orientation upon the approval of the policies by the BOR.

The event, as mentioned earlier, was attended by nearly 30 attendees who are also expected to attend the 2nd Quarter Coordination Meeting that will expectedly be held at CTU-Moalboal Campus. 

Furthermore, on the last day of the activity, Dr. Letrondo concluded the event by which he is complimenting the team for the successful meeting. Almie Mata/CCM