CTU-APARA, Singapore agree on Robotics and Technology collaborative programs

From left Mr. Joey Lim, Kingsmen studio representative; Ms. Elle Quan, APARA member; Ms. Miko Tan, Kingsmen studio representative; Ms. Shanlynn Lee, APARA incumbent President; Prof. Romeo Montecillo, CTU Assistant Campus Director; Mr. Oliver Tian, former APARA President, and the Honorary-advisory mentor; Prof. Lelanie Cordero, Chair of the Industrial Automation Department; Dr. Charena Castro, IAI Chair, College of Technology; Dr. Marcelo H. Ang, National University of Singapore Advanced Robotics Centre Director

The CTU-selected faculty met Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association (APARA) Singapore council members concerning the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for future collaborative events between the two institutions on June 8-10, 2022.

APARA is a network of organizations and professionals in Singapore and the region passionate about technology augmenting the workforce vis-à-vis workforce displacement. The association comprises academicians, government agencies, industry players and end-users. That aims to enhance the use of Robotics to augment Human Capability and Potential, stay connected with a Network of Technology Enablers and assist adopters in enjoying the experience of the Transformation Journey.

Prof. Romeo Montecillo, CTU Assistant Campus Director, Dr. Charena Castro, IAI Chair, College of Technology and Prof. Lelanie Cordero, Chair of the Industrial Automation Department, left the country on June 8, 2022, and were able to meet APARA officials composed of Ms. Shanlynn Lee, the Association incumbent President; Mr. Oliver Tian, the former President and the Honorary-advisory mentor along with Ms. Elle Quan, the APARA member.

The visit was able to give both parties a review of the CTU-APARA MOU for the upcoming collaborative programs that aim to create a mutually beneficial arrangement where both parties can perform the respective mandates and attain their respective objectives; to design and implement the programs pertaining to the on-site/virtual training of the Mechatronics and Robotics instructors and students of CTU-MC, and to assist the University in improving its Training Workshop area.

Moreover, they also discussed the plans for establishing the APARA- Philippines Chapter and the plans for the 2023 Robotics Conference that the CTU will host. 

As a portion of the three-day visit, they also had the opportunity to round up various sites, such as the National University of Singapore Advanced Robotics Centre and met Dr. Marcelo H. Ang Jr., Center Director.

Also, they experienced the Kingsmen studio and encountered Mr. Joey Lim and Ms. Miko Tan, the representatives. 

Furthermore, they visited the Institute of Technical Education College Central – School of Engineering.

The collaboration of CTU and APARA marks the start of mutually beneficial cooperation toward the success of both parties.

Words by Almie Mata