Sustainability Summit for Engineering and Technology held in CTU-Danao

On June 27-28, 2022 the two-day Sustainability Summit for Engineering and Technology was held at the Cebu Technological University-Danao Campus. With the theme “Integrating humanization to Engineering and Technology Research for Sustainable Development: The way to Industry 5.0.” It was participated by the different Philippine Higher Institutions and National Government Agencies both online and onsite. 

During the first session, Dr. Ernesto Guades emphasized the different initiatives and actions in transforming the Philippine Higher Education and Government Agencies to be more sustainable through research and innovations. Mr. Don Vacal presented the benefits and efficiencies as digital technologies drive innovation and fuel job opportunities and economic growth. Both keynote speakers highlighted that any technology or innovation should always add value to the human experience. The second session was an exchange of ideas and sharing of expertise during the presentation of research output; 11 presenters for the Engineering Cluster and 10 presenters for the Technology Cluster.

The crafting of the Sustainable Development Plan for the Technology and Engineering of Cebu Technological University is simultaneously done onsite.

The second day of the summit was the announcement of the best sustainability research paper for Engineering and Technology Clusters. Engr. Marchel L. Bentoy bested all the other presenters for the Engineering cluster with his research entitled Compressive performance of concrete using sugarcane bagasse ash as partial cement replacement. For the Technology cluster, Alden Q. Gabuya, Jr. was recognized for his research paper entitled Improved Growth of Coffee Seedlings (Coffea canephora) under SMART Irrigation System. The Sustainable Development Plan for the Technology and Engineering was presented and Dr. Ernesto Guades was able to give his comments and recommendations to be incorporated into the plan. The two-day summit posted a great challenge to move forward with sustainability through research and innovations. 

Words by Lomera Niñame J. Cañas (Chairman, BSIE-CTU San Francisco Campus)