Academic speaks at int’l webinar by Universidad de Casa Grande of Ecuador

Shedding light on post-pandemic educational strategies was the goal of CTU Argao Graduate School Dean Ariel Ramos in his webinar hosted by Universidad de Casa Grande (UCG) of Ecuador on June 30th.

Dr. Ramos rose to the challenges at the event of educational disruption and presented “English Language Teaching in the Pandemic: Beliefs, Personal Qualities, Strategies and Framework for Offline Instruction”.

“While adjustments were needed in both teaching dimensions [online and offline teaching dimensions], more adjustments were necessary to navigate in the offline teaching dimension due to government health protocols constraining the physical instructional delivery. Through the teacher’s beliefs on creativity, they successfully delivered instruction in the context of English teaching as these beliefs were transformed into innovative teaching strategies,” said Dr. Ramos.

More interesting topics will be discussed by four remaining CTU Lecturers this year.

CTU and UCG have recently signed an agreement to further internationalization engagements.

UCG is a private non-profit higher education institution in Ecuador with roughly 2000 students attending its classes. IAI