CTU Argao academic hopes to explore Greece’s garment industry in September

Photo source: https://www.britannica.com/place/Athens

While exchange students and faculty are working their way to Canada, Taiwan, and Malaysia, CTU Argao academic is looking forward to an exciting ERASMUS-backed job shadowing in Greece this September.

Cebu-based partner Global Initiative for Exchange and Development, Inc. (GIED) met with CTU Argao on June 28th to finalize the “CARE WHAT YOU(TH) WEAR” representative who will spend 2 weeks at the IASIS organization to explore the global supply chain of the garment industry and understand the consumption and production patterns of clothes.

Job Shadowing is part of the mobility activities under the capacity-building work stream of the CARE WHAT YOU(TH) WEAR project under Erasmus+. This is to equip and engage youth workers on the issues of the global garment industry.

GIED is a non-profit organization that practices volunteerism through international voluntary service (IVC) exchanges and inter-cultural experiences. Its primary focus is on social issues such as education, health, environment, cultural engagements, and community development.

CTU and GIED have agreed to formalize their partnership in June 2022. IAI