CTU-Main DComm Klima ug Kalikupan Fifth Episode: Regenerative Tourism

The Department of Communication (DComm) of Cebu Technological University-Main Campus (CTU-MC), in partnership with the Climate Reality Project Philippines (TCRP), has successfully webcast its fifth episode of the Klima ug Kalikupan series entitled “Regenerative Tourism: Mga Kahigayonan ug mga Hagit sa Turismo sa Sugbu,” last September 22, 2022, Thursday, through Facebook live. 

The fifth episode aims to discuss and share with the viewers the potential threats of improper practices of the community that might cause harm to the tourism industry in the Philippines and how can the regenerative tourism approach could help restore the damage made by the people to maintain the sustainability of a particular tourist place. 

Two prominent resource speakers were invited to the show: Ms. Maria Edna Carolina Lee, a Permaculture Practioner, and Ms. Paula Love Bernasor, the TCRP Visayas Coordinator. 

Before the proper discussion, the hosts first asked the speakers about their insights on “RegenerativeTourism,” According to them, it is like a seed that thrives because it is properly nurtured. Additionally, regenerative tourism becomes effective if we let ourselves be involved in the preservation and conservation of not just the place but also the community as a whole. 

The first guest speaker, Ms.Maria Edna Carolina Lee, talked about the”ClimateChange”, Regeneration Tourism”, and “Permatourism.” She highlighted that the community stakeholders, whether those who sit in the higher-ups or average citizens play a vital role in helping their tourism grow through a regenerative approach. 

Meanwhile, the second guest speaker, Bernasor, discussed the “Role of Travelers in Regenerative Tourism” all over the place, wherein she emphasized the possible contributions of an individual when visiting a tourist spot or a community in order to boost its tourism. “Instead of leaving a lighter footprint, you can use your footprint to fertilize that area so that it can regenerate and even grow stronger in the future,” she said.

 “When you visit a community, you can volunteer, understand how they are, and their lives. Draw connection with them because it is nice to engage than to be a spectator,” she added. 

Bernasor also cited the importance of loving and supporting our products because, in that way, we can help promote the destination’s economic status to make their culture, business or organization well-known not just in the local setting but globally. 

The event was hosted by Ms Aimie S. Rumaguera, the Bachelor of Science in Development Communication (BSDevCom)Intern, and graced by Ms. Marisol Tuso, TCRP Mindanao Coordinator co-host. 

Wordsby: Vicente B. Obejero Jr./BS DEVCOM 4-A INTERN