CTU’s Department of Human Kinetics conducts a Seminar-Workshop for PE instructors

The Office of the Department of Human Kinetics of the Cebu Technological University-Main Campus conducted the first series of the Seminar-Workshop on Physical Education, “Physical Activity Towards Health Fitness” (PATHFIT). The aforementioned workshop was held at the Centennial Building of CTU-Main Campus from September 12, 2022, and was concluded last September 15, 2022.

According to Mr. Elven Lorca, the Department of Human Kinetics Chairperson, the seminar-workshop aims to acquaint Physical Education instructors with the new tertiary physical education curriculum and provide them with the essential skills and in-depth understanding of how it is delivered based on the learning outcomes. It also aims to provide experiential learning experiences that will enable the participants to deliver the said course effectively.

The set of activities on the first day of the workshop focuses on diaphragmatic breathing, core stability, anatomical terms and enactment of non-locomotor movement. The instructors performed diverse non-locomotor movements such as progression and regression drills which engage the core.

On the second day, locomotor skills training was conducted, and the participants carried out diverse movements such as gorilla walk, baby crawl, hopping and carioca. On the third day of the seminar workshop, they presented their group performance for circuit training design and pre- and post-assessment of the Fitness log. The last day of the workshop was intended for revisiting and revising Syllabi for PATHFIT 1 and 3.

The Chairperson of the Department is planning to continue the series 2 PATHFIT 2 by the first week of February 2023 to fully comply with the CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 39 series of 2021, which aims to promote physical education and encourage sports programs, league competitions, and amateur sports including training for an international competition to foster self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence for the development of the healthy and alert citizenry.

Words by: Kate Reah N. Pilapil/DevCom OJT Intern