FSG joins international community of leaders in Thailand

Student leaders from the Federation of Student Governments of CTU Incorporated (FSG CTU Inc.) had its first offline engagement with the international community at the 7th Association of Universities of Asia Pacific (AUAP) Leadership Program in Thailand on August 12–19, 2022 since the pandemic hit the globe in 2019.

The global leadership program at Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU) included plenary sessions on “Multiculturalism in Thailand” by Assistant Professor Dr. Phaitoon Monphanthong; “The Employability of University Graduates” by Director Genreal A.Eskandari of the University of Tehran, Iran; “Reinventing Higher Education” by Mrs. Ying Sawheny, deputy director for International Affairs, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand; “Creativity of Leadership” by Professor Dr. Alvaro Barbosa, vice-rector for Internationalization and Strategic Development, University of Saint Joseph, Macao, China; and “Leadership Principles” by Mr. Thames Kraitat.

The 8-day program aimed at promoting cultural quotient, interpersonal growth, leadership skills and principles, and sensitivity  to global phenomenon. Their trip to the pearl nursery and factory, for instance, introduced them to the typical oriental culture that resonates with the preservation of marine life, being one of today’s global discursive frames.

“The Federation will benchmark some of the events in this global leadership program. We will apply our learning here in some of our activities in the future, “Hon. Turbonado, CTU FSG president said in an interview.

Alongside the FSG officers and adviser were the CTU faculty regent Charmaine Antecristo and the students affairs dean Irvin Narsico who shared the same goal of gaining new leadership perspectives at the AUAP-led event.

Funding of the short-term international mobility was approved during the Special CTU Board of Regent’s Meeting on May 5 chaired by the newly appointed CHED Commissioner Jo Mark Libre.

CTU and AUAP have been partners since 2015, launching myriad activities to sustain the intellectual and intercultural engagements among members-institutions./IAI