VPSA leads with diversity through coordination meeting

A one-day student affairs coordination meeting across CTU campuses was convened on the 23rd day of September 2022 at CTU Danao Campus spearheaded by Vice-President for Student Affairs, Dr. Rose Mary L. Almacen.

Participants of the said coordination meeting were university directors for sports, culture, and the arts, campus directors, and campus chairpersons for the aforementioned offices. The meeting’s main topic includes the calendar of activities for intramurals and cultural events, CHED guidelines for intramurals, and a university-wide plan for sports, culture, and the arts.

Dr. Almacen states it is essential to plan because it enables us to identify obstacles in advance and figure out how to overcome them, as the university anticipates the welfare of each faculty, student, and staff through organizing activities that will enhance and further develop their social skills, physical literacy, teamwork, cooperation, and overall health.

Words by Sarah Jane Colina ICPA Danao