Academic selected for Global Learning Program in Indonesia  

Delegates to the week-long Global Learning Program in Surabaya, Indonesia included Dr. Mayeth Elloran (1st from left).

CTU partner Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) selected Dr. Mayeth Elloran to join two other international guest lecturers of the English course for the onsite Global Learning Program (GLP) in September.

The Fall Semester at ITS ushered not just students but guests determined to once again fill the campus with experiences from different parts of the globe. 

Dr. Elloran’s colleagues hailed from the U.S.A. and Malaysia for the English program alone.  

“Traveling abroad is my paramount goal. It allows me to meet people with different beliefs and traditions,” the academic from CTU Tuburan said in a statement.

Her experience drew on her being a language expert in exposing first-year undergraduate students to the world of communication.

“I incorporated my ESL teaching experiences, honing my communication skills in dealing with people from diverse cultures.”

ITS sponsorship covered airfare, accommodation, local transportation, souvenirs, and nature exploration as part of the program’s experiential learning. Specifically, the trip to Mt. Bromo, one of Indonesia’s popular destinations, enthralled Elloran, per her social media post.

GLP also promoted faculty meetings, networking events, and research discussion opportunities. Partner institutions avail of it year in and year out. The offline lectureship on sustainable development goals this November is the last down the stretch.

Elloran currently chairs Tuburan campus’ Internationalization and ASEAN Integration (IAI) Office. The outbound mobility paradigm marked her new appointment as one of the 17 IAI chairs across CTU campuses. / IAI