CTU-AC takes place in the Culture and Arts Competition

After a 2 year hiatus, the long-awaited clash among North, Central, and South Units of Cebu Technological University has finally arrived. The ??????? ??? ???? ??????????? took place on the third day of Cebu Tech Tri-Meet 2022, November 11, at CTU-Danao. Glory has returned home after an intense exploration of creativity and talents for this three-day competition in numerous categories.

CTU- Argao’s BUDAYA Dance Troupe was elated for grabbing gold in ???? ????? ??????????? as well as in the ?????????? ????? ??????????n; Ms. Charmeine Sarda had placed 1st in ???????????? ????????; and CTU- AC Ministry Chorale had secured silver in ???????? ???????.

Even though the three CTU units compete for positions, a stronger rapport was created, allowing the system to become more stable as we became more connected and came to learn from one another.

Words by Christian Lieg Tenebro