Bakery of Hope

A community outreach program called SAKPI sa BJMP—Skills, Attitudes, and Knowledge for Productive Inmates—initiates training in livelihood skills for a select group of BJMP Danao City inmates. In collaboration with the CTU Danao Campus Extension Office, the Local Government Unit, and BJMP Danao City, the turnover of the new SAKPI sa BJMP Bakery (a facility inside the Danao City Jail compound) on January 23, 2023, was made possible.

The relevance of the livelihood program as one of the rehabilitation programs provided by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology is highlighted by this active partnership between the Danao City LGU, CTU-Danao Campus, and Danao City Jail-Male Dormitory (BJMP).

The occasion was also attended by several representatives from the university which, includes Dr. Edgar U. Tibay, CTU VP for Production, Extension, and Business Affairs (PEBA); Dr. Lynette Matea S. Camelo, CTU University Director for Education for Sustainable Development, Dr. Emily Costan, CTU Danao Extension chair, LGU Danao was represented by few city councilors and honorable Mayor Thomas Mark Durano, while JSINSP Marella Mabalod, Jail Warden DCJ-FD; Jail Officer represents BJMP and the selected 200 PDLs from the male and female dormitory. 

One of the PDL beneficiaries said, “This project is one of a kind with priceless short and long tuns economic gain geared towards PDL empowerment and development.”

Highlights of the event included

  • the blessing of the recently built SAKPI Bakery,
  • cutting off the ribbon,
  • revealing markers, and
  • the symbolic handing over of the key to the jail warden.

Words by: Marylou O. Batulan ICPA Staff- CTU Danao