CTU-Danao holds Skills training for Female PDLs of Danao City Jail

Photo credits: Danao City Jail Female Dorm

Two-day Hands-On Training on Bread and Pastry Production conducted jointly by Danao City Jail Female Dormitory thru the leadership of JSINSP MARELA E MABALOD RN MPA and CTU-Danao Campus Production staff on January 31, 2023. 

The 30 female PDLs, who were also the beneficiaries, attended the program. The CTU-Danao Campus Production Miss Maribel Ramos trained and provided them with information on the training program, its advantages, and their responsibilities as recipients. With the help of the intervention mentioned above, PDLs had the chance to learn skills that will be useful when they reintegrate into society. 

The CTU-Danao Campus has consistently supported the Bureau’s mission of developing PDL in terms of skill upgrading.

Words by Sarah Jane Colina