CTUSFA obtain the approved CSC registration

The Cebu Technological University System Faculty association (CTUSFA) received the approved Civil Service Commission (CSC) registration on February 6, 2023, held at open grounds of CTU-Main Campus, attended by University key officials across campuses.

The certificate of registration Collective Negotiation given to the university with Agreement No. 2526 pursuant to the Amended Rules and Regulation Governing the Exercise of Right of Government Employees to Organize, the Collective Negotiation Agreement entered into and between the CTUSFA.

The CTU was awarded for having complied with the prescribed requirements in the abovementioned Rules, which were registered by the Commission and are binding between the parties between the CTU and the CTU Faculty Federated Associations.

Moreover, its effectivity is from January 19, 2022, to January 18, 2025.

Miss Salve M. Illustrisimo, Supervising Human Resource Specialist Civil Service Commission, gave such recognition, signed by Chairperson, ATTY. Karlo A. B. Nograles and Attested by Ma. Theres C. Fernandez – Director IV Human Resource Relations Office, to Mr. Jerlito Letrondo, Vice-President for Administration and Finance, on behalf of Dr. Rosein Ancheta, University President.

Along with Dr. Denilin B. Avila, President of the Federation of CTU Faculty and Dr. Charmaine Anticristo, Faculty Regent and other university key officials.

Words by Almie Mata