Tribu Cebu Tech joins Sinulog sa Carmen 2023


January 22, 2023 — Tribu CebuTech joins Sinulog sa Carmen 2023 with ritualists from Cebu Tech University San Francisco Campus choreographed by Mr. Carlito Custodio.

A vast throng of performers were students from CTU Moalboal Campus.

The performance centers on life under water where the story begins with a happy and content life. The dance continued with a man’s quest to quench his thirst for power and self-gain that led to a most devastating hap — oil spill. As a consequence, life under water troubled in perplexities.

This circumstance invoked a concerted efforts of people to look up asking the intercession of Sto. Niño to help them in their dire need — bring back the life under water.

With fervent prayers, Sto. Niño heeded the people and helped them restore what has been lost.

With elaborate display of props, the stage was filled with gigantic resemblance of corals and scenic episodes of sea creatures swimming and teeming around the ocean.

The performance culminated with the overall view of props accentuated with vibrant display of costumes depicting sea life exiting the stage.

In the end, Sto. Niño’s miracles prevailed and restored life in serenity and contentment.

Sinulog sa Carmen awed the people with wonder and spectacles. It was certain that Tribu CebuTech has delivered what it needed to be done.

The contingent might not have been victorious during the announcement of winners, but two things were carved in their hearts — to rise up to new challenges and to keep the faith beyond any circumstances.

Words by Collin Cejas Garrido / ICPA CTU San Francisco