A CebuTech Tuburan Alumna Receives Recognition for Her Integrity

A Bachelor of Industrial Technology – major in Computer Technology Alumna, Ms. Maricor A. Tinio received a Certificate of Commendation- Act of Honesty Award from MCRI Global Corporation last February 15, 2023, for returning a 100,000 peso cash which the guest left in the hotel room. Ms. Tinio has worked as a room associate at bai Hotel Cebu for almost five months.

Ms. Tinio was pleased to receive the award. She had no idea she would earn a Certificate of Commendation; all she knew was that she had acted honorably. Every day when she was in her workplace, she always kept in mind the morals her parents had taught her and the values she had learned in school. That is why when she found out that a guest had left a considerable amount of money in the hotel, she did the right thing because that delighted her. She defines integrity as one of her core values and is something we all should have more than anything.

She uttered, “When a situation challenges my moral principles, I always believe that an honest heart weighs more than a bunch of gold”. She encouraged her fellow technologist to uphold the core values of the school and if they experience the same situation that she had, to always do the right thing. She said that the principles her parents instilled in her, the lessons she has acquired in school, and especially her fear of the Lord cannot be measured in any amount of money. She then added that her conscience won’t allow her to take something that isn’t hers.

Integrity is indeed a seed for achievement, a value that never fails. Looking at Ms. Tinio’s experience, despite the struggles that she has faced, she never fails to do what is right. The act Ms. Tinio is showing motivates all technologists to uphold the university’s core values.

Words and Layout by Jose Primo S. Bardoquillo, ICPA Staff