Ang Probinsyanong Makinista Explodes Through COE and FabLab Collab

The College of Engineering successfully completed its 48-hour community extension services spanning
over 2 months of training and fabrication through the Fab Lab on February 17, 2023 dubbed
Probinsyanong Makinista. The beneficiaries learned data-making and digital fabrication using digital
fabrication software and the actual use of Fab Lab machines such as the laser cutter and the CNC
router. The outputs mostly consist of home furniture and furnishings. Participants are coming from
Barangay Cogon, Tuburan, Cebu and were taught the basics of using vector graphic manipulation
software to be used in the operation of the machines. Once already familiar with the software, they
were taught how to operate the machines on their own, and produced outputs mostly made of plywood
using their own designs.

The activity was part of the community extension project approved in 2022 by the Community
Extension Office of CTU-Tuburan headed by Prof. Devonna M. Celedonio.

Words by ICPA-Tuburan